About us

The Commission of Psychologists is an independent federal government body with responsibility for all psychologists in Belgium. If anyone wishes to use the title of psychologist, which is protected by law in Belgium, then they must apply to us for registration as a psychologist.


The Commission of Psychologists is an independent federal government body. We have responsibility for all psychologists in Belgium, regardless of their nationality, professional context or status. We operate under laws and Royal or ministerial decrees.

Our mission

Our main mission is to protect the clients and patients of psychologists. We do this by monitoring the quality of the services provided by registered psychologists, thus fostering trust in the discipline.

How do we interpret our mission?

  • We regulate the use of the title of psychologist via a registration procedure. In this way, we offer protection against psychological treatments by unauthorised persons.
  • We maintain the official list of registered psychologists in Belgium, and make it available online to the general public.
  • We oversee ethically correct conduct in the discipline, via our professional code of  ethics for psychologists.
  • We are a contact point for dissatisfied clients/patients of psychologists.
  • We are an established partner for government and stakeholders concerning matters relating to the title or profession of psychologist.
  • We inform the general public about the obligations of psychologists and their rights as a client/patient.

At the end of 2019, Belgium had almost 15.000 registered psychologists.